Monday, December 10, 2007

I do love snow...

Did I mention it is snowing today? Because it is! It's not a lot, but there is a dusting going around. I have always lived in a climate where there has been a wintery, snowy time of the year. I grew up Upstate, NY. Snow. I went to college in Vermont. Snow, obviously! And then I moved to Indiana for a few years. Snow. I have never lived in a place that doesn't have snow. Of course, just because you live surrounded by snow doesn't mean you have to love it. Many of my friends who live here don't love snow like I do. I just find it fun. I am much more kid like when I am around snow...I like to play in it. It reminds me of those fun days when you woke up and your mom told you it was a snow day. When it snows now, I don't get a snow day...but still, it's fun!

Even though I live around snow, I would still love to vacation some time during the winter in one of those cozy snow cabins. Doesn't that sound fun and romantic? I could go to a place like Pigeon Forge cabins. Of course, knowing my luck...I would go when there isn't any snow to play with. Could you imagine though...having a week to just play in the snow and what not. I am sure some people would love it for the skiing, but not me...I don't need skiing, I just need snow. Plain and simple snow.

Of course, it won't be my next vacation. My next time coming soon and it is sunny Florida. I gotta tell ya, it'll be weird having a Christmas in a warm climate. They'll be no chance of snow!!!! Somehow though...I think I will survive!

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