Wednesday, December 26, 2007

fitness goals

I have mentioned it a couple of times, but I seriously need to think about what I am going to have as my New Year's Goals for 2008. I don't call them resolutions because I think people just make them to break goals just sounds better to me. In the past, losing weight was always goal #1...and I started off great and then lost steam and was right back where I started the next year (if not worse). So, this year...Goal #1 is going to have to be different.

I would like to still have some fitness goals. I do have another 10 lbs I would like to lose...and what not. I think I want my fitness goals this year to be about exercise. I am not sure what though. Do I want to join the gym again? Do I want to invest in some more fitness equipment and workout tapes? Or just use the stuff I have on a more consistent schedule?

I know one goal I something I have actually wanted to do for a long time and never done anything about it. I have always wanted to be a runner...not super fast, but a runner. I was captain of the Track and Field team in High School and sadly, I have never been a runner (I did field events silly). So, I want to work on running more. I plan on starting the Couch To 5K (C25K) this spring...and I plan on signing up for a few of the local 5K races that the local running club does. There is one in March, but I am not sure if I will be ready in time for that one. We'll see.

So, anyone else have any fitness related goals for 2008?

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