Tuesday, December 25, 2007

tis the season...

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful, special, fabulous holiday! I know, I did. This Christmas was really great. My nephew opened up all 6 million of his presents in about 2 seconds flat. I remember those days...of the sheer thrill of just opening the presents...I barely had time to see what it was before I moved on to the next one. We had a nice breakfast with my brother and his family. They really are dolls for taking care of us and entertaining us so well this week...it's been such a nice holiday.

And what did Santa bring me? Well...I got a new digital camera, which is SWEET! I plan on taking some pictures and posting them as soon as I get back in cold, snowy NY. I also got a nice digital picture frame which is going to be filled with pics of my family and friends. I got a sweet Red Sox t-shirt. I got some yummy, smelly bath stuff. I got a gift certificate to Bath and Body Works and we know how I love that place. It was a really nice year...and Santa did real good by me!

This was the first Christmas without mom...and it's too bad because she would have loved it. My nephew is getting older by the minute...and cuter too. She would have loved his bday party SO SO much. She would have loved just about everything. But, for me...I haven't been sad this Christmas...I know she wouldn't have wanted that. Instead, I am going to love life and my family with the same intensity and passion that she did...I am going to see the positive and merriment in everything. My mom's eyes sparkled when something fun was going on...so, I am going to work hard to have that sparkle. That's the best way to remember her...to talk about her and live in as she would have.

Merry Christmas Everyone...and start thinking about those New Year's Goals now!! I know I have to...because for the first year in a long time, losing a truck load of weight won't be first on my list. Hugs to all!!

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