Monday, December 03, 2007

Another Monday...another weigh-in!

Hi kids! It's Monday and of course that means it is weigh-in day. But before we get to snowed last night. It was the first REAL snow of the season. I heard on the news that it was going to snow, but no flurries before I went to bed. I woke up this morning...heard the alarm beep...and shut it off...and I heard a beeping in the distance. I knew what I was was the noise of a plow. I ran to the window...and YEAH! SNOW!

Alright...enough of my love affair with snow. On to the business at hand. I have been struggling with finding new and interesting ways of working out (mind out of the gutter people!)....because my elliptical is broken. (It might get replaced soon, but not soon enough). I've been going for a lot of walks and some rare jogs, but with the cold hasn't been often at all. I knew I had to get some intense workouts in...or the weight loss wasn't going to continue to come. I went back to something that worked for me years ago. I got out the cardio and circuit tapes I used to do daily when I was living in Indiana. I brushed the dust off the tapes and starting on Monday...I popped them in the VCR and was working out like a mo'fo'.

So, I am glad I found new ways to workout....sans elliptical. Did it pay off on the scale? Well...I am a daily weigher. I step on the scale each and every morning. For days this week...the scale showed a 2 lb. loss...which I would have been happy with it. On Sunday morning...2 lbs gone. And then magically...this morning...I woke up and 4 lbs. gone. Unfreakin' believable! I think adding in the new exercise was the trick.

Whoo hoo! You know, I am really happy about it...because this is the time of year when most people have given up and are just waiting for New Year's to start again. I hope to be right where I want to be on New Years. Plus, I am wearing clothes that went back into my closet because they were too tight months ago. I am really glad I have been making choices for my health. Yes, I miss pizza...but it is well worth it.

Hugs to all!

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