Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Office Santa!

So, did you all get what you wanted for Christmas? I did. I got a lot of swanky new toys and, I got to get to spend time with my brother and his family, the best present ever.

Now, if Santa came to work too, what would you ask Santa for? What kind of work presents would you want? I would want a few things. I would want a magic elf to come in at night and do all my filing for me. That would be the sweetest present ever. I would also like to have a phone in my office like my boss does. He has a phone that looks like this:

The phone is my office is not nearly this swanky. I don't know if our office has Talkswitch phones, but it sure looks like it. Mine just rings and does normal phone things. This tells you who is on the phone in the office. It also tells you who is calling. I would LOVE this feature most of all. Sometimes I am in the office with a client and the phone rings. I would love to know who is calling, so I can decide if I am going to take it. If it is another client, I would let the call go to voicemail, but if it is a judge or social services and might be about that client, I would definitely take the call. With my phone now...I have to guess and hope for the best.

Ahh...if only Santa came to my office. That would be SWEET!