Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Mellencamp Recap: It's about time, eh?

Hey everyone...for my 3 rusty trusty readers...sorry to keep you in suspense. The show was on Saturday night and I just haven't had the energy to go over what an awesome show it was until now. I'm old...it takes me time to recover!

I went to the show with my roommate. This is the first Mellencamp show she has ever been to. She is an average fan. You know, likes his stuff when he's on the radio, but probably doesn't own a CD, etc. Meaning...she isn't a crazed, obsessed fan...like I am. So, the show started at 7:30pm...and the venue was about an hour away (Albany, NY). We left about 6pm. Let me just tell you...I hate navigating around Albany...my roomie drove (thanks!)...I didn't, but still. If you make one wrong turn...you are lost forever. It's just never simple. So, yeah...we took one wrong turn...and ended up hopelessly lost. But, we aren't males...so we asked for directions. We got back on course and found the arena in no time....we actually got there right at 7:30pm...so it couldn't have been better. We didn't have to wait very long for the show to start.

Okay...when we got there...our seats were in the 5th row. The seats by the stage were set up very close. Jeez...I am glad I lost some weight because I felt like I was sitting literally ON TOP of people. It was a tight squeeze. Let me just tell you about the couple next to us. Hilarity. I think they got to the show through a teleport from the mid 80s. The woman had curly, frizzy hair that was basically in the shape of a triangle. And her boyfriend/friend/husband...he had a mullet, but a curly fro-ish mullet. It was fantastically humorous. The woman was very interested in the fact that I lived in Indiana for a while...and went to Mellenfests...and knew Moe once...and went to parties at Toby's house from time to time. In NY...you get such limited access...I forgot how lucky I was when I lived in Mellentown. lol

Okay...so the opening band. Los Lobos. They are a band from East LA. I am sure people like them...I am not one of them. In fact, there were a few people in the row in front of us...who were very excited to see them. They were dancing and bopping away...much more than they were for Mellencamp. lol They played La Bamba....and that's when I lost it...and couldn't contain the laughter. They just aren't my style...and I feel very spoiled since Mellencamp has given me some great opening bands...Susan Tedeschi...Shannon Curfman...Old Pike...The Wallflowers, etc.. So, it just wasn't my cup of tea.

And then...the show began. I haven't seen a Mellencamp show since I left Indiana. I didn't really think I was going to get to see shows anymore. One, I don't live in Mellenland anymore...so the shows are slim pickin's...understandably. And two, I used to be able to take time off and go to multiple shows in multiple states. Not anymore. It's just a financially responsible thing to do anymore. So...to be able to see a show at all...I was through the roof.

I thought it might have been one of the best Mellencamp shows I have seen. He came out with such energy...and the show was different than the shows he used to do. One, he talked all over the place to the crowd. In the shows I used to see...he barely talked at all. He would say hello to the crowd...and then it was song, song, song, song, song, song...done. Not a word in between. He talked to the crowd...he told a story about how he wrote a song. He stopped right in the middle of one song to say something about the song and its meaning. That is unheard of from him. He bantered with this woman in the audience...about how he was doing a show and couldn't come down there and makeout with her. Oooh...and I think that same woman threw a bra to him on stage. Too funny...cause he told her that if women are going to throw their bra, it should be sexiest bra on earth, not a plain ol' white one. He talked about some political things...he talked about the Jena song...and the response to it. He mentioned about getting involved in things...and that the way we can change the world is one person at a time. I love his music, but I admire and am passionate about what the man believes. I heart him.

Another thing I LOVED about the show...is that he played old, less known songs. He played 'Minutes to Memories'...and I LOVE that song. You could see who the hardcore fans were then because they were singing along. He also played a good deal of songs off the new album...which he often does not do. He didn't just play a live version of the Greatest Hits album...and I appreciated that. He actually thanked the audience for hanging with him and listening to a lot of songs they had never heard before. I thought the live version of 'Ride Back Home' was breathtakingly beautiful. And he played heck it Out' which I love...and 'Authority Song' which I love. What a minute...what songs don't I love???

Oooh...I almost forget. This will make the BoSox fans happy. During 'Small Town', he had the projection behind him showing images from around this area. It was cute...except when it showed an icon of the Yankees...they was a loud, collective boo from the crowd. I may live in NY...but this area has more Red Sox Nation fans than Yankees fans. I would say I am never happy to hear Mellencamp get boo'ed, but that boo for the Yankees picture...made all warm and gooey inside! lol

This entry has already gone on too long....so, I will cut it short. It was a great show. I loved dancing and singing along with the man. My roommate took some pics with her camera phone, so I will upload one as soon as I can. The only thing I could say negative about the show...is that I still miss Moe. I think he brought such a unique presence to the band and without it, it's lacking.

Phew...great show...now I wish I was financially irresponsible and was going to another one! Rock on!