Monday, December 17, 2007

Only 2 lbs to goal...holy bejesus!

Hi's Monday, so that means it is weigh in day. Today and tomorrow are going to be crazy busy days....CRAZY busy. I go on vacation starting Wednesday...and dad and I are going to Florida. There are a million things to get done before I am ready to go.

So...let's get down to business. I was hungry all week long, but I remained a good kid. My boss took us all out to Olive Garden and I was still breadsticks people! I made some thin mint cookies...and didn't bite, lick or taste any of them. I made fudge with my dad (my mom's good!) and didn't have any of that either. So, if the scale wasn't nice to me...I was going to have a friggin' fit.

Well, I didn't have a fit. I lost FOUR pounds. I can't believe it. I have lost 43 pounds...and only 2 pounds shy of the 45 pound goal. I think I might try to lose a little bit more, but....I am just happy to be where I am. I didn't even think I could get here, so I am really content. And, if I am a lucky...and the scale gods are nice to me, I could lose the 2 lbs as a Christmas gift.

And...tonight, I am packing for the trip to Florida. I got out all my small jeans...and tried them on. Guess what? Yep...they all fit. One is still too snug to wear outside, but they all fit.

I had a thought today...I am going to have to think long and hard about what my new year's goals are going to be. For the has always been to lose weight and get fit. It was the constant answer...and now, I am going to have to look beyond that. Of course...keeping it off is the constant goal...the one I haven't been able to do so far, but it is great having that in front of me instead of losing a ton of weight on New Year's Day.


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