Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas Eve...and a weigh-in too!

Hi y'all! Merry Christmas eve...I hope everyone is having a great holiday. It's been wonderful here in sunny Florida. I would miss the snow, but I could get used to weather where people say it is chilly out when it is 60 degrees. lol My nephew's bday was yesterday and we had a rockin' good time at his party. Phew..I am burning calories left and right playing with that adorable kid.

It's Christmas Eve, but it's also let's not forget it is weigh-in time. I am a crazy nut who brought my scale with me on vacation. I wanted to know that I was eating well and doing what I needed to, so the scale kept me honest. It would be too easy to cheat here or there if I didn't step on the scale each and every morning.

So, what did it say this morning on the official weigh-in day? said I dropped another TWO POUNDS! That makes a total of 45 pounds I have lost since I recommitted in September. I initially thought all I wanted to lose was 45 lbs, but I have decided to go for another 10 I am off to the races again. I feel really good about what I have lost and that clothes actually fit now, instead of just hiding me like they used to before. But, I want those vanity pudge pounds gone too. So, I am going after them!!! Fitness wise...this new year is going to be a whole new ball of wax!

Merry Christmas everyone...I hope Santa brings you everything your heart desires! Santa brought me what I wanted...actually he took 45 lbs with him while he was dropping off the rest of the presents. Good job Santa!

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