Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscars anyone???

Update on my computer....they called. My hard drive is basically no more. Since I tried 8 different ways from Tuesday to boot it myself, it is what I thought they were going to say. The good that he can replace it and recover almost all, if not all of my stuff. So, phew on that. To get my computer back as good as new, it'll cost me a couple hundred bucks...but it's well worth it to get my computer back and healthy.

Anyone else watch the Oscars last night? I will admit that I watch Awards shows. I am a fan. I started to get sleepy towards the end, but I stayed up. YEAHHHH for Kate Winslet winning. One, I think she's fabulous and two, I think it's hilarious that she won for doing a holocaust movie. Yep, Ricky Gervais is truly a genius.

And Sean Penn won as well...I was happy about that. I haven't seen Milk, but I would like to when it comes out on DVD. I was really surprised he won since I thought it would be a lock that Mickey Rouke would win. I am kind of glad he didn't...since I heard the performance was good, but that man is 8 shades of crazy. Sean Penn usually gets looked over...he did for I Am Sam and for Mystic River and some other great performances, so I thought the same would be true this time. He was his usual political self, but given the nature of the movie...I'd say it was appropriate.

And I haven't seen Slumdog Millionaire, but it sure did well. I imagine it is a good movie, but I always get annoyed when movies win EVERYTHING. Seriously? It makes it seem like there was only one good movie last year.

Oh least Brangelina didn't win anything. They are already the most beautiful people on the planet, so I'll admit that I am petty enough that I enjoy seeing them lose at things.