Sunday, February 08, 2009

Spring cleaning or so it felt..

Today was unseasonable was basically in the 40s all day long. So, it basically felt like the beginning of spring, even though I am not naive enough to think that Spring is actually here. It's just coming by to visit for a day or so.

So, in honor of a day that felt like spring, I decided to do a little Spring cleaning. I've spent a good deal of the time organizing clothes that need to be washed, changed my sheets and pillowcases and just spent some time cleaning my bedroom. I've let my bedroom get uber messy and I needed to put the time in to cleaning it and getting it in order.

And now that I have my clothing organized...I need to do about a million bajillion loads of laundry. 2 down so far....many many more to go.

I am close to having the room actually organized and feeling more liveable. And hopefully after that, the upkeep will be much easier and therefore, more likely.

P.S. If you are someone who actually enjoys doing all means, feel free to come on over!!!