Thursday, February 12, 2009

Not a fan of the stimulus package....

You know, I don't know what I think of this stimulus package. I keep hearing from so many people how necessary and needed it is. Maybe it is, but for me...I just don't see it as the solution. I don't see how spending a trillion dollars is going to do anything to right the economy. Yes, we can't do nothing...but how is spending even more money we don't have going to fix anything. It seems to me like throwing good money after bad. And...a classic example of borrowing from Paul to pay Peter.

To me, I see us truly and completely bankrupting our country...and therefore putting our nation at the biggest state of risk ever. The more unstable our economy becomes...the more vulnerable we are to malicious forces. It's so concerning to basically we are owned at this point by China. That's ridiculous. It's so concerning to me that we have not moved in the right direction with energy independence and that we are linked to the Middle East because we need their oil. Those things are only going to be made worse when our economy continues to plummet.

My solution is not a popular one. It's not one I would look forward to by any means, but I still think it is the right solution. I think our taxes need to be raised, not lowered. We are in a time of war and an economic if we want to actually find a solution and not just slap a bandaid on a gaping wound, we need to do something dramatic. We all need to sacrifice. That means the blue collar workers and the millionaire actors.

I also believe...we need to stop pouring money into the war in Iraq and the middle east. I don't even know the dollar amount of money we have spent in this war, but the bleeding, literally and metaphorically, needs to stop. If we continue on this crusade...I fear we will have a hollow country when it is all over. And for that, the terrorists did win. They knew they couldn't beat us in a drag out fight, but given the right circumstances...they could sure watch us destroy ourselves from the inside out.

And, if any money should be given out as a "rescue/stimulus" package...I think it should be to foster businesses which are going to stay in this country. Give out incentives for companies to not ship their factories and jobs overseas.

If I was in Congress, I am not sure what I would do when it comes to this stimulus votes. I agree that something needs to be done and we are on a direct course for a depression, but this bill...I don't think in good conscience I could vote for it.