Sunday, February 01, 2009

Now that is a game...

Football has never been my sport. I don't have a team that I consider my team. I like a bunch of different teams, but not enough to actually follow anyone week to week. I like the Colts because I lived in Indiana and it is required. I like the Patriots because if you like one Boston sport, you are forced to at least know a good deal about all other Boston sports. I kind of like the Giants only because Eli is their QB, so it is a follow through from my Colts/Peyton love. Once upon a time, I kind of liked the Bills...but that way when OJ Simpson was an all star football player instead of being a murderer. football is not something I really get excited about. I have always watched the Superbowl, but it really has been because it is a tradition and of course for the commercials. I do have to say, the game was great though. I wasn't really rooting for a team to win. I would have liked the Steelers to win because they seemed like the better team...and I love the blue collar aspect of the team and it's followers. I would also like to see the Cards win because they were such an underdog and I love an underdog story.

Like last year, I loved that the game was competitive. The game came down to the last minute. I can remember most superbowls where the winner was really decided before halftime. This game was definitely not that. There were a lot of really exciting plays and anyone could have won that game. Oh and don't forget...that 100 yard return right before the half. The Cards were going to either tie or go ahead at that point...and instead...touchdown.

I watch for the commercials, but I have to say that the game was more entertaining than the commercials. Speaking of the commercials...there were some gems. I LOVED the Doritos "crystal ball" commercial. Too funny. I also loved the E-trade babies commercial. I thought the Pepsi Bob Dylan/WIll I Am commercial was pretty good. Oh...and I can't forget...I loved the commercial with the "you might need a new job if..." commercial. Every time I saw that woman screaming in her car outside of work, I laughed out loud.

Of course, it is all sweetened by the fact that The Office is on right now. Whoo hoo!

Congrats Steelers....great effort to the Cardinals!