Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Seriously, don't make me feel bad for ARod!

I've only mentioned it in passing about the whole Alex Rodriguez testing positive for steroids in 2003. I'll openly admit, watching ARod getting grilled by the media...and having to eat a huge plate of humble pie....well, it's enjoyable. I loathe the guy. One, he plays for the Yankees and that should be enough. Two, he is smug and seems to be a pain in the arse. Three, he's whored himself around town. And four, he's still a Yankee.

But having said that...I do think what is happening to ARod is a little unfair. Yes, he used a banned substance and he knew it at the time. Yes, he tested positive. Bad ARod, BAD! Yes, he denied ever taking a performance enhancing drug when interviewed by Katie Couric in 2007 when he should have just kept his trap shut.

All of those things are true...and normally, I'd say hold his feet to the fire and expose him as the cheater that he is. And, he is a cheater. So, why do I think it is unfair then? Well...for one, the test he came up dirty on was one in 2003 where MLB was trying to find if they needed to institute mandatory testing for PEDs. So, the players all agreed to be tested and see how much of a problem steroids were. If more than 5% of players tested positive...then MLB would start testing randomly and have sanctions if someone tested positive. A little over 8% tested positive...including A-Rod. Were only 8% using...of course not. This was a well advertised test when everyone knew it was coming, so I am sure the smart steroid heads cleaned up right before the test. Anyways...the players agreed to this mass testing, but it was also agreed upon that the results would be confidential. If I was ARod these days, I might be questioning what confidential actually means.

My other issue is that ARod is having to face the music alone. 104 players tested positive on this anonymous testing in 2003. So, why does ONE person need to face the music while 103 do not. Well, of course the simple answer is that Alex's name was leaking and the other 103 were not. I just find it unfair that he needs to take on this controversy when 103 other cheaters do not.

Part of me wants all 104 names released because fair is fair. But the other part of me does not since none of the names were supposed to be released at all. Ideally, I'd like to live in a world where people didn't cheat and then get paid millions of dollars as a result...but well, that ain't gonna happen.