Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Quick bullet update....

  • It's officially snowing again in upstate NY. It's been a while since it has snowed, so I think people forgot what snow was...and more importantly, how to drive in it. On my road home, I saw people slipping and sliding all over the place.

  • At work today, we had a graduation for one of the drug courts that we work with. I am lucky enough that part of my job is being on the treatment team. I get to see people from the beginning to the end. It's really wonderful to watch people change and transform into completely different people. It's funny because when I first moved back to NY from Indiana, I went to a job interview for a drug court in Vermont. I hadn't heard much about them...and left the interview with a very snotty attitude that they don't work and they are just shams. I felt that the courts should have nothing to do with treatment, etc. You can guess I didn't get that job. It's interesting....because now, my perspective is so different...and if I could interview today, I imagine I'd probably have a pretty good chance of getting that job.

  • So, I heard on the news that Massachusetts is considering not only a 25 cent tax hike on gasoline, but also a tax on the miles you travel on state roads. Holy bejesus! Their justification is that because people are buying more hybrids cars and using alternative forms of transportation, they are not going to get the revenue they used to from the gas tax, so they need to tax cars for miles...not gallons. Aurgh! can't win no matter what you do. Luckily, I live in NY...not MA...but it's only a matter of time before NY follows suit.

  • I watched American Idol last night. I try to not watch the show, but I always get sucked in. I can't stand that Tatiana girl...and I think she needs to be off my TV set ASAP. I will admit, I am completely smitten with Danny Gokey. He's got such an emotional story...and he can sure sing. I don't vote for American Idol, but if I did...he'd get my vote.

  • On the healthy eating far, so good. I've been writing down everything I've been eating this week and keeping it in check. I also have been rocking the elliptical a couple of times. And today was a good test...we had cake at work for someone's birthday. I declined the cake even though it looked super duper good. I am not going to say no to the cake every time, but I figure...every other sounds like a good plan. I am just happy that I am heading back in the right direction.

  • I still don't like this whole stimulus bill. I just don't see how spending more money we don't have is going to solve anything. But hey Obama....prove me wrong. I hope he does.