Friday, February 06, 2009

Twitter anyone?

Alright. So, I understand Facebook and why people use it. I probably use it too much. I understand myspace. I understand Blogger. I understand online forums. I get all of those...and get why people use them.

The one I don't understand is Twitter. I mean, I understand what it does. It lets you update people from moment to moment as to what you are doing. You can use twitter to tell people you are going grocery shopping or that you are mad that Jamie was sent packing from Top Chef. People can log on and choose to "follow" you on twitter and find out what you might be up to on a minute by minute basis.

So, I know how it works...I just don't get why people use it and why people are so INTO it. Why not just update your status on Facebook a million bajillion times a day? Why do you need another type of service to tell people what you are doing day in and day out?

If you twitter...tell me why you like it so much. Maybe you can win me over...since for a long, long time...I was hell bent on not joining Facebook and now, it is my new obsession.

P.S. Thank you baby Jesus that it is Friday. This has been the longest, slowest week ever. I am looking forward to a completely lazy weekend. u?