Monday, February 02, 2009

February snuck all up on me...

I can't believe it is February did January go? I was so shocked yesterday when I realized that it was actually the first of February. I should have known, but seriously...I had no idea.

I haven't been incredibly great about blogging, I am really trying to be better. I have been spending so much time on Facebook and reading the forums over at TWOP, so I have been abandoning my blog. I am going to put a stop to that. So, I am stealing an idea from Y over at I am going to post every single day for the whole month of February. I figure I will have something to say...and if I don't, I can post that too.

Today, I called Netflix and complained. Why? Because I am a bitch and I like to complain. lol I called because they are annoying me lately. I always make sure I return my movies and have them back in time to get new movies that are sent out on Monday. You see, if you don't get the brand spankin' new movies the day they come out, then they are impossible to get for at least a month because they are listed as "Very Long Wait" for freakin' ever. So, I have all my movies returned to get 3 new ones on Mondays. For the past month, I have been getting one new release and then two older movies in my queue. It's bugging the bejesus out of me. Also, I have had a good number of damaged and unplayable movies lately.

Oh, the only moment of comic genius in my calling Netflix to complain. The customer service chick pulled up my account so she could see what I was complaining about. So, I mentioned that even though I had 3 open slots, I only got one new release movie...when there were 2 new release movies in my Queue. So, she says..."So I see that you are being sent Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist" but "Zach and Miri Make a...ummm..." is still in your queue. I giggled to myself. The word is porno. You can say it. It won't offend me. The movie is in my freakin' queue. Go ahead, say it. PORN-O. Porno. There...said...and the world didn't come to a screeching halt. lol I was tempted to make the woman say the word porno, but at that point...I still thought she might help me. If I had known otherwise, I might have messed with her for a while.

So, I called to complain...and the woman who took the call didn't seem to concerned about my complaint. She said she cannot guarantee that I will get new movies and that she would put a note on my account that I complained....because a note on my account solves my problem.

Ack. Oh well. I like Netflix well enough that I won't cancel my account...and in reality, that is the only thing that will actually make them care about my crankiness.