Thursday, February 19, 2009 good!

I was at the grocery store this weekend. I was scoping out the frozen foods section. Picking up some frozen dinners and seeing what was going on with the veggie burgers. And low and behold, I saw a new chik'n (as they call the fake chicken) burger.


I know the pic is teeny tiny small, but they are Morningstar Farms new Italian Herb Chik Patties. I snagged two boxes, threw them in the cart and headed on my way. I hadn't many any of them yet this week since I had most of my food already planned out. But tonight...I whipped open those bad boys and made 2 of them for dinner.

I could eat these things every single day...and who knows, I may. I love the chik patties anyway and these have some yummy flavor added to the crumbly crust. They used to have a parmesan flavored chik patty, but it disappeared a couple of years ago....but now, who needs parmesan flavored when you can have herb crusted???

If you like veggie burgers or chik patties...and they are in your local freezer. Check them out. I am definitely looking forward to having them for dinner again.

So good!