Friday, April 03, 2009

Madonna got denied....why?

When I was a kid...I loved Madonna. I listened to her music and danced around like a tool around my living room. I wore those cheesy little bracelets because Madonna wears them and Madonna was super duper cool.

As both Madonna and myself have gotten older...I am not as big a fan as I used to be. I still think the woman can sing...and has carved out a nice career for herself, even if her music isn't really my cup of tea anymore.

Of course Madonna has been making the press, she's not back on with A-Rod. It's because she wants to adopt a little girl in Malawi named Mercy. She and her then husband adopted David from Malawi a couple of years ago. She petitioned to adopt a second child...and the government denied her because she doesn't have a 18 month residency requirement.

What I find the negative press and backlash Madonna has been getting about these adoptions. People are joking about a woman and as a mother. People are talking about how she shouldn't be able to adopt this child...any child. The Malawi govt is saying she is not within the rules....hmm, well they were willing to slide on the rules last time. Why? If I remember correctly...she donated a few million dollars to their govt. So, is it that she isn't appropriate or is it that she didn't rain money down on them this time???

Yes, Madonna is sometimes controversial and makes the gossip columns, etc...but can anyone really say with any validity that the woman is not a good mother? I have a feeling if Angelina wanted to adopt every single child in the country of Malawi...they would be welcoming her with open arms. Am I wrong?

I've seen her with all of her children...and they look healthy and happy. There is a pic in the linked article with Madonna and her adopted son David. Doesn't he look better off than if he was still living in poverty and disease...with no real family to speak of.

I wish Madonna well...and hope that people wake up and come to their senses. Their is a beautiful little girl who would be well loved and taken care of in Madonna's home.