Monday, April 06, 2009


So, that rumor on the internet about today being OPENING DAY...was actually false. It is not opening is the tease that was supposed to be opening day, but it is not.


Because rain can SUCK IT! That's why. It's basically gonna pour all day long all over the east coast. Rain and baseball are not, the game will be postponed until tomorrow at 4:05pm. If that game gets postponed or cancelled...I might go on a killing rampage. Just sayin'...

And since I will try to find a silver lining in the sucktastic news that Opening Day is in fact NOT Opening Day...I guess it is good that I can catch the game tomorrow and not have to sneak outta work early like I would have had to today.

Silver lining or not. Rain....I used to like you. I used to like playing outside and frolicking around with ya. No longer. We've broken up.

P.S. Go Sox!

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