Thursday, April 09, 2009

To go or not to go??

I am not sure if I am going to go to church this Sunday or not. I know that seems so backwards to what a lot of people do. There is a segment of the church going population...who don't go weekly, but make it on Easter and Christmas. I used to always go on Christmas, but I haven't for the past few years since I am in Florida with my brother and his family.

I started going to church regularly with my mom when I was about 13 or so. Actually, my brother and I were never baptized as babies, so we were baptized then when we joined the church. A lot of people think that is bizarre as well...but I am really grateful for it. I have a distinct memory of my baptism...and it was a conscience choice of MINE instead of something my parents did because of the whole fear of original sin and all that mumbo jumbo.

Anyways...I was off on a tangent. The whole time I was going to church with my mom, we never went on Easter. It always felt like a status and fashion show more than about Jesus and God and the resurrection. It was about who's kid has the prettiest dress and what not. So, we decided to skip it...stay home...and probably eat way too much Easter candy. It was a tradition...of sorts.

Last year was the first Easter without my mom...and I planned on not going to church, but then decided to go and just see what it was like. I go to the early morning service (8:30am), so it is a much more non-traditional service. There are less people there and it tends to be more casual. I was pleasantly surprised when I went last year. People were dressed nicer than they usually do...but no real fanfare. Also, it is not the service where people usually bring their it didn't have the fashion show of cute little adorable children in their new Easter outfits.

So, I still haven't I going to skip church on this holy Easter or go. I'm basically 50/50 on it. Maybe I'll just wait to decide until Sunday morning when I wake up...bright eyed and bushy tailed.