Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Random sports stuff...and free or almost free stuff!

Hey all...if you like to Run on Dunkin'...and let's face it, who doesn't? Dunkin Donuts is proclaiming today ICED COFFEE DAY and in celebration they are selling their iced coffees for 50 cents.

That seems pretty cool...eh....well, not as cool as the awesomely awesome people over at Ben and Jerry's. You see today is FREE ICE CREAM day. It's not 50 cent ice cream day...but FFFFFRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! So, if there is a Ben & Jerry's near you...go out and grab a cone. I don't care how cold and dreary and rainy it might be. FREE ICE CREAM PEOPLE!!!

Other random factoids....let's see, I made it through Marijuana Appreciation Day aka 4/20 without having to listen to too many people tell blather on about how pot is the best thing like EVER. Most people know my job is working with the courts on alcohol and substance abuse offenders...so, I am well versed in that argument. We did see that NY State is moving forward on legislation to legalize medical marijuana. And just because the law makers are super duper cute, they wanted to introduce this legislation until yesterday. I actually wouldn't be horrible against medical marijuana...as long as it doesn't become the ridiculous farce that is California.

Oh and I can't go without saying that it was a good day in Boston sports yesterday. It started with the Red Sox finishing a sweep of the poor, sad Baltimore Orioles with a 12-1 smackdown of a win. Then that was followed up by a Bruins 4-2 victory over the Canadiens. The Bruins are now leading the series 3-0. It's great for Boston fans...so whoo hoo for them, but in all honesty...hockey is not only not my sport, I might loathe it. And then the final victory of the trifecta is that the Boston Celtics came from behind and beat the Chicago Bulls 118-115. They are tied 1-1 in the series and headed to Chicago.

My feelings about the basketball....well, they are a tad conflicted. I'm not even sure conflicted is the right word. I grew up a huge NBA fan. It was my sport long before baseball came into my life and took its place. And, I grew up a Bulls fan...long before Michael Jordan was the god he is and long before they started winning all those championships. I have many many many Bulls t-shirts in the back of my closet...hats from every time they won a championship. I also have the most unfashionable Bulls jacket ever...which I used to wear on a daily basis. I fell out of love with basketball during my late college years...grad school years. I moved to Indiana and paid attention to the Pacers a little bit, but then took my attention to college ball (it's a requirement in Indiana and all). My rabid love of all things NBA and all things Bulls...was no longer there. I am still a passive fan...and enjoying watching a good game. I like to catch games when I can, but I don't care nearly as much as I used to. Baseball is my new boyfriend and basketball is often my jilted ex...who I give a passing glance to every once in a while.

However...in my heart of hearts, I am still a Bulls fan. Are they the team they once were? No, not even close...and they probably will never be again. But, does a large part of my heart absolutely love that they are coming in and giving the Celtics a HUGE run for their money...oh YEAH! In the end, the Celtics "should" win this series...injuries or no injuries, but my basketball heart is still rooting for those Chicago Bulls.