Sunday, April 19, 2009

Thank You Baseball Gods!

I got the lucky privilege to catch 2 baseball games yesterday. I first watching the Cleveland Indians take on the NY Yankees in the new stadium. I figured I watch for a little bit and then find something more entertaining to trim my toe nails, etc. Well...I found nothing more entertaining.

The Yankees not only not only lost, but got their asses handed to them. The Indians scored 14...yes that is right FOURTEEN runs in the 2nd inning. And went on to win the game 22-4. It wasn't just a was a destruction. I couldn't wipe the smile off my face. Maybe that makes me a bad sports fan, but if so...I'll take it.

Yankee Fail

Hat tip to Stars and Son for the actual pic of the scoreboard. Love it!

But that's not when the Baseball Gods stopped with the baseball gifts. Then, it gave us this:


Joshie Beckett aka Commander Kick-Ass was on the mound again...this time with a lot less controversy. He pitched 5 out of 6 stellar innings. He did struggle in the 5th. My theory, Brad Penny got a tad too close to him in the dugout and some of his bad mojo rubbed off.

And then there is Youk. Good lord, he was spectacular. He did plunked in the head by a mean fastball the day before, but that can not stop the force that is Youk. He had 4 hits on the evening....a single, 2 doubles and a homerun. ROCK ON! He basically took the Red Sox on his back and brought us a win.

And one more tidbit just because I find it hilarious. The Orioles at one point...intentionally walked Jason Varitek. That's right...wake in fear...of Tek and his amazing hitting ability.

I hope that the baseball gods continue to shine down upon today's game when Johnny Lester takes the mound looking for his first win of the season.

Let's GO RED SOX!!!!