Thursday, April 23, 2009

Stewart's = The Awesome

So, when your tire has a slow leak...but you're trying to buy some time and put off buying tires. You end up having to fill up your tire with air more often than not. I know a little something about this.

This morning when I got to work...I noticed my tire was all kinds of droopy. Not a pretty picture. So, I hopped in my car with my pathetic little tire and headed across the street to our local Stewart's Shop. If you are not from Upstate NY and don't know what Stewart's's a little convenience store/gas station/ice cream shop. BEST ICE CREAM ON THE PLANET.

But what makes Stewart's awesome today or any other day when I need to fill up my pathetic little that their air is FREE. Yes, air should always be free. I agree. As should water, but we live in a world where nothing is free anymore. If I went to the local Cumberland Farms. Air is NOT free. If I went to the tire shop. Air is NOT free. Stewart's on the other hand...FREE air to all that want it.

Thanks Stewart's! You're the bomb!

P.S. I'm not kidding about the ice cream. Seriously.