Friday, April 24, 2009

hey baseball fans...

In case you live under a rock...or you just don't give a flying flip about baseball...then you probably know that the Red Sox kick off their first series with the NY Yankees aka the Evil Empire tonight. I always want the Red Sox to win...but I especially want it when they are playing the Yankees.

Friday night we have Jon Lester on the mound for the Sox...and Joba "I like to throw at Youk's head" Chamberlain for the Yanks. If Lester is in Lester form...this one shouldn't even be a contest. And Saturday night...Josh Beckett is fresh off his bullshit suspension and taking the mound for the Sox...while the Yanks are sending AJ Burnett. This one is matched up pretty well...both ballclubs with their best pitchers on the mound. (I thought CC was supposed to be NY's best pitcher...but AJ is the guy getting it done right now). And then on Sunday is the young whipper snapper straight outta the bullpen Justin Masterson taking the mound for the Sox against the veteran Andy Pettite. I have no prediction on that game. Masty's been pitching like a god I am hoping he continues the trend.

I hope our bats keep swinging...and the Fenway Faithful makes those Yanks as uncomfortable as possible. And guess what Mark Teixeira...the crowd is going to boo you, but we don't care about you nearly as much as you think we do.

People often ask me why I am such a diehard Red Sox fan since I live in New York. Well, one...the Yankees suck. Case and point. But let me tell you more. I am not from the city...I grew up and live in Upstate NY. It's pretty well mixed here between Red Sox and Yankees fans. To me, there is no's the Red Sox all the way. The Red Sox are a scrappy team...that plays hard and never says die. The Red Sox have team unity and seem to really enjoy playing with one another. It's truly a joy being a Red Sox fan.

It's also a joy hating the Yankees. I just don't like much about the team, the organization or a vast majority of their fans. I'm a proud NYer, but I don't think the Yankees represent me and what I value or believe in. I don't like that the team throws money at problems and I get a silly grin all over my face when it doesn't work out. I don't like a mentality that anything other than a championship is a failure. Sure, we all expect greatness and want our team to win. However, that isn't the ONLY thing that matters. The Sox didn't win the WS last year, but I have such pride in the team...and what they did accomplish. They fell short in Game 7, but I will always remember the comeback of Game 5. Does that mean nothing because they didn't win it all? And the fans...and the booing of their own. Can't stand it. Stand by your or loss. Those boys go out and play for you.

So...let's GO RED SOX! Wins are always great, but beating the Yankees just makes it a little more sweet.