Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Tax Day!

I'm a tired kid today. I might have been insane and stayed up until the wee hours of the morning watching a Sox game...that didn't start until 10pm and didn't end until 2:30am. And the kicker...the Sox lost. I was basically walking around my office like a zombie. It was good times, especially since I am not one to drown my tiredness in caffeine, so I just trudged through.

I did workout though. I was going to skip it since I was so exhausted, but...that's no good. I got home from work and rocked the elliptical while watching the Sox game. This time...Tim Wakefield was a pitching god and they won...and won big. Plus, the game was over at 6pm. I can actually sleep tonight. Whoo hoo!

And yep, today is tax day. I know for's probably not happy. I'm one of those early filers, so I've not only filed my taxes, gotten my return and spent it. I didn't spend it on anything exciting...I just paid bills and made an extra payment on my student loans. I know...exciting, eh? The day came and went...and nothing was really different for me. Except of course...making teabagging jokes ALL day long. I just LOVE the idea of Republicans all going to protests which can easily be called "teabagging parties." In fact, I wish they would have teabagging parties EVERY single day. They should be taped and put on youtube. Awesome.

Alright...time for tired Shelley to go to bed. Of course, after I watch the drama that is The Real World Road Rules Challenge. No crazy fights...yet.