Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Opening Day Take 2

So, this morning I woke up...and had this in my inbox.

Red Sox Opening Day

170 days since October 19th.
55.2 inches of snow in Boston.
34 games in Florida.
1 Opening Day postponement.
It's about time.


Your Friends at the Boston Red Sox

And this Opening Day was NO TEASE. There was a game and it was awesome. The game started right at 4pm...which meant I got to see the whole thing. I bought the mlb.tv package, so even though NY wasn't carrying the game...I watched all 9 innings. It's well worth the cash...let me tell you.

On the mound for Boston was their ace, Josh Beckett....aka...Captain Kickass. And that's just what he did...KICKED SOME ASS! The Sox won 5-3. Beckett struck out 10 batters and only allowed 2 hits. It was a great way start the season.


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