Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Happy April Fools...

Happy Pranksters Day all...

In past years...I have written a blog all about some horrific thing only to finish it with an APRIL FOOLS tagline. I thought about it...but I think it's a sign of just how old I am getting that I am no longer creative enough to think of anything that someone might buy...and I am such a skeptic that I don't think anyone would believe it anyways. I could pretend I just got a job in Iceland and now have to move, but who would buy that. I could announce I flew to Vegas last night and got married to K-Fed, but come on? I could say that after decades of insanity...this NYer finally woke up and left the Red Sox in favor of the Yankees, but we all know that is NEVER going to happen.

So...little ol' me will just say Happy April Fools and leave it at that. One thing that IS interesting about April Fools is that it makes me believe no all...about anything. I don't believe any story anyone tells me. I don't believe anything I read in the paper. I definitely don't believe anything I read on the internet. I basically think everyone is full of it today. So, if you have a funny and interesting story to tell me...tell me TOMORROW because I will just roll my eyes and call you a liar today.

And for my Red Sox update of the we'll say week....I talk about baseball and the Red Sox about 24/7, but rarely blog about it. The first official game that counts is next Monday at Fenway against the Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays. I wish I could be there...even though Fenway is probably gonna be pretty crisp and cold at 7pm.

Yesterday the Sox and Rays played a dress rehearsal for Opening Day. The Sox had their last game in Fort Myers before heading for 2 more road games in FL and then up to NYC to play 2 games against the Mets at the new park.

The Sox started off that game against the Rays shaky. Clay Buchholz got taken pretty early and the Rays had a 5-0 lead. The Sox came alive a smidge and it went to a Rays 5-2 lead. Then the Rays sucker punched us again and it went to a Rays 7-2 lead. So, who won the game? The Sox did....they score 3 runs in both the 7th and 8th innings to lead the game 8-7. What I find that is the same score of the infamous Game 5 of the ACLS when Boston came back to beat the Rays after being down 7-0. The Rays must have felt like they were being punked...and that made me chuckle inside. This Rays team is doubt, but so are the Sox and they never say die. Plus...Tek got another homerun batting from the left side, so maybe not all hope is lost. GO SOX...just try to snag the win in a little less dramatic fashion come opening day, mkay?

And let's see...any other Sox news. Oh, I did get in a little luke warm water for calling some female fans a whore on a blog the other day. LOL. Actually, I did not call anyone a whore...would never do that...I said that when people go to games dressed like whores then it makes it more difficult for all female sports fans. I still stand behind that...people judge what they see. If I showed up for work in a pair of booty shorts and a tube top...people would judge me for what they see and not the big ol' brain in my head. I'd be sent home and probably fired. (Note to self: Don't try that just to test the experiment). For me, I get frustrated as a female who has always been into sports...watching and playing that it is often not taken seriously. I don't know how many times I've been talking the ins and outs of sports with some guy and he stops me halfway into the conversation with some obnoxious comment like: " really know about the game" or "Who taught you about baseball/basketball/football, etc???" Umm..I watched, played and learned just like you. Anyways...all I was saying is that women who go to the games wearing little to no that stereotype that the only reason women watch sports is because the athletes are cute or because their boyfriend likes it or because they are looking for a date in the stands, etc. /rant