Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Locks of Love

Locks Of Love

I've been growing out my hair forEVER...or at least it seems. It's been at least a fooling. I've donated my hair to Locks of Love twice before and decided to do it again.

I always forget those last few months when I absolutely hate my hair and there is so much of it that there is no hiding. It attacks me from all sides...and even gets too long to put into a bun well. It's been like that for a couple months now...maybe longer. I remember wanting to cut it badly before I went to Florida in December. I measured my hair and it wasn't long enough yet.

A little over 3 months later....and my haircut was finally here. They cut off 10 or 11 inches and then I got a nice cut with some long layers and layering around my fair. It's just above my shoulders. It can still get scooped up into a it a small ponytail, but none the less.

If you happen to be one of my Facebook friends...I put a before and after picture there. If you're not my friend on FB...well, shame on you!