Sunday, May 10, 2009

Manny is the name that will never go away...

So, I guess I am supposed to talk about Manny Ramirez and the news surrounding him? I don't want to. I am sick of hearing and talking about Manny and his drama. goes. So, Manny Ramirez has been suspended for 50 games for testing positive for a banned substance. It is reported the substance was HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin. It is a women's fertility drug. I had never heard of it before this story broke...but they say it is often used as part of the cycle of drugs with steroids. Mainly steroid users take it after the cycle in order to jump start their body's ability to make their own testosterone. It is also reported that it is used to increase male sperm count and sex drive.

So, either Manny is a steroid user or he and his wife are having troubles having babies.

No matter what the truth is. There is no excuse. The players are given a comprehensive list of banned substances at Spring Training. So, if you take something on the list...that is on YOU. No matter who gave it to you and in what context. Plus, it is reported that Manny tested positive for the substance in Spring Training and then again recently. Fool me once...but not twice. No one is that dumb, not even Manny Ramirez.

Of course this story effects Boston since Manny played with the Sox for 7.5 years and was a part of the 04 and 07 championships. Articles have been written about if this taints our championships. Curt Schilling weighs in on the subject. We don't know if Manny used steroids when he was with Boston. He might have. However, he is one of 25...and yes, he is a big member of that 25, but I don't think it takes away from those accomplishments.

And then Dan Shaughnessy write this crapload of an article. He basically goes on to say how this drama will Manny is vindication for Boston fans that they were right about Manny and LA was wrong. That we knew what a poison he was and how silly the Dodgers were to buy what he was selling. No Dan, this story if anything should not make you spitefully gloat, it should make you sad for the sport of baseball. Manny Ramirez was a future Hall of Famer....who fans and little kids looked up to and aspired to be. It isn't a "Nanny nanny I told you so" moment. This isn't a moment to rub someone's face in the fact that they are losing their best player for 50 games and you warned them. Baseball has taken a huge step back in letting people know they are striving to play a clean game. Ugh.

One thing is does once again make Theo Epstein look like a crazy genius with getting the trade done last year. I don't have much of a response to the Manny story either than to be happy it is NOT OUR PROBLEM. He is no longer in our clubhouse...and that is a good thing. I appreciated Manny when he was with the team, but was so ready to see him go.

From now on...when it is referencing Boston, I only wanna hear the name Manny when it is followed by Delcarmen. I only wanna hear Ramirez when it is preceeded by Ramon. I know it won't happen...but we can dream, right?

P.S. The Sox take on the Rays tonight. The series is tied 1-1. So....LET'S GO RED SOX and finally take a series from those pesky, evil Tampa Bay DEVIL Rays.