Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Back home from a nice weekend away...

Hey all. I have a few posts in my head. I'll get them down here sooner or later. Life's been busy and good.

I'm home from DC. The trip was very nice. We left on Friday..and started our trek down to DC. The traffic and roads were not bad. The tolls were out of control. I think the tolls equaled close to 20 bucks for the drive down there....and 20 bucks for the drive back. Sheesh.

We got in about 3pm on Friday. We checked into the hotel which was very swanky and kind of artsy. It was the Hotel Rogue in downtown DC. The room looked almost exactly like the pictures on the website. Very nice. We went out for some quick drinks at a local bar...I have never been a huge fan of bars...they are loud...conversation is liking screaming, etc. But, we enjoyed ourselves chatting it up. Then we headed over to the Nationals baseball game. They were playing the Cardinals. We had seats in the upper upper deck, but it is one nice stadium. The view was great. We were right down the 1st base line and I could see everything that was going on. The Cards won the game and Albert Pulojs putting on a hitting clinical...HR, double and a single. He might be the best in baseball, so what else could be expected.

Humorous side notes from Friday. 1) When we were taking the Metro to the game...we had about 40 or so people with us, most of whom did not know DC. So, my cousin's hubby just kept bellowing out directions. "DO NOT GET ON THIS TRAIN." "EVERYONE GET OFF THIS STOP...NOW." The looks on the faces of people who were not with our group...hilarious. and number 2) At the game, there was a group of excited youngins in the next section to us. They kept trying to start the wave...and failing misreably. I was not in a "doing the wave" mood...but I felt bad for the kids since the wave would die as soon as it left their section. So, I would do the most pathetic raising of my arms when it went by. At one point, I just raised one arm...for a half wave, I guess. It still went no where...but I did my part. After the game, I was a tired kid...so I went home and fell into bed.

And on to Saturday....which was the party day. I got up kind of early. I went downstairs and worked out in their little fitness center. I rocked the elliptical for about an hour. Then, I went upstairs...had breakfast, showered and got ready for the day. We spent the late morning/afternoon walking around DC a little bit. We walked around some of the shops....went to the White House. No BO on the lawn. Then we went to the local Wholefoods down there. I wish we had a Wholefoods. I would spend mad money there...if I did. Probably the most exciting thing about our walking exploration...for me, was Wholefoods.

Then I went back to the hotel...relaxed a little bit and got ready for the PARTAY. I wore a dress. I never wear dresses, so it was an event all in itself. It was a really nice time. I got to see some people I haven't seen in a LONG time...and meet some new people. We drank (water for me), danced, ate, laughed. All of my cousins looked GORGEOUS. I swear they are the most beautiful, photogenic people in the world. We partied until a little after midnight...then we took over the hotel bar. I lasted until about 1:30am (that's saying a lot for the grandma that I am)....and then headed on to bed. It was a really nice time....my cousin and her husband looked gorgeous and it was great to celebrate with them and their loved ones.

Sunday...I got up early...7ish...got ready to leave. Of course, we hit Wholefoods before heading out of town. Did I mention I love Wholefoods??? If not, I so do. I also love Trader Joe's...but they didn't have one there for me to basically treat like food porn. We left at about 9:30am...got a smidge lost on the way out of town and then headed home. The ride home was long...I was a tired unit. We got home at about 5:30pm...and I plopped in bed, watching some TV and caught some zzzzs.

So...that's my weekend in a very long nutshell. I have more rambling thoughts in my head, but that's another post for another time. Hugs all.

P.S. Being in DC made me realize how much I miss the city...and doing that kind of volunteer/mission work. I am really going to make an effort to get back down there...and do some work. And now that I have family in the area...it is just that much easier.