Thursday, May 21, 2009

Can yesterday be my Groundhog Day?

All in all...yesterday was a good day. One of those days you'd want to live over again if you could.

Here is a run down on my good day....

  1. Work went really fast. I clocked in, had a long arse meeting, went to lunch, got some much needed stuff done and then it was time to go home. And an added bonus, I didn't have to go to jail as part of my daily work festivities.
  2. I've been looking for the JD Drew shirt. He's not the most popular member of the Sox, but I love him. I know they sell them, but could find no where online. So, one of my MA peeps helped me out. A great lass from Center Field was able to snag me a shirt...and I can't wait to wear it.
  3. I am in the mentoring program at work. I have been matched with an adorable girl. Her birthday is coming up. I made plans to take her out to dinner on Friday and celebrate with her. We are going to dinner...of course have dessert...and then top it off by playing with doggies at the pet store. Plus, I snagged free tickets for mini-golf that we can use at our next outing.
  4. Oh...I ordered myself and a friend tickets to go to Fenway Park in July. I've been a Red Sox fan since well...forever, but never been to Fenway. I could not allow that to continue. I might even get tickets to a game in October as of the last home games before the post season. We have a local charter company that has tickets to game. They bus you watch the game...they bus you home. If I can't get a job in Boston that part of the employment package is going to Sox games, then this will have to do. Plus, it's a game against the Royals, so I can also cheer for the dearly missed Coco Crisp.
  5. I worked out like a rock star yesterday. I went to the gym...and didn't feel much like working out. It was hot...for May. I was tired and a little hungry. I was trying to convince myself to skip it. I would not. I got on the ellipticals at the Y that I LOVE....and rocked it out for close to an hour. I got a nice sweat on...and was so glad I didn't let laziness talk me out of it.
  6. David Ortiz got his first homerun. Ah, how sweet it is. Tek got two of them, Jason Bay got one too and Mikey Lowell felt left out, so he smacked a HR as well. But, Papi finally went yard and it was a beautiful thing to watch.
  7. I watch American Idol. I don't like it, but it's like an accident that I just can't look away from. I used to never watch the actual show. I would watch the train wrecks of people who think they can sing, but they can't...but when the competition started, I would check out and move on. And then Daughtry happened. I fell for this kid and his music...hard...and suddenly, I was a Idol watcher. I hoped it would just be one season, but nope...American Idol has won me over. This year, my pick from week 1 of the competition was Kris Allen. He's adorable and cute as an ever living button...and he is not a great singer, but a great musician. He can play any instrument you give him. And, did I mention his cuteness? I picked him as my pick, but thought he had no shot in hell of winning. He just keep getting by...week after week and last night, he won. I only watched the last 5 minutes of the show since I hate that it takes 2 hours to do something that should take 2 minutes, but it was great to see the kid win. Rock on Kris!
  8. I got to bed last night before 11pm. And therefore...I didn't wake up exhausted this morning.
  9. Did I mention Papi hit a homerun? I didn't...because he SO did.

Yep....yesterday was a good day. Wouldn't mind living that one over again. Let's hope today is just half as good.