Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fringe? You can suck it. Hard.

I watch a good deal of tv. I'm not going to deny it. So, when new shows come out, I often give them a shot and see if they get added to my list of shows I watch.

This year Fringe was a show that I checked out and quickly got added to the DVR list. One, it was created by JJ Abrams. I have always been a huge fan of JJ's work: Felicity, Alias, Lost, etc. The guy just makes really interesting TV shows. Two, one of the actors in the show is Joshie Jackson aka Pacey Witter from Dawson's Creek. I watched Dawson's...what? I am a huge fan of Josh and loved seeing him in another show, especially one that did not involve who was or was not Joey Potter's soulmate.

Fringe is a show about fringe science...time travel, biological warfare, creepy organisms, scary monsters, people that become bombs, etc. Just weird things that push the envelope to what we thought was possible in science. It's one of those shows that always has a twist you never saw coming. All in all...a great show. I've been hooked since basically the first episode.

To get to the point of this entry...the season finale was last night. If you haven't seen the show yet...and don't want to be spoiled...STOP READING THIS ENTRY. You've been warned. The climax of the finale was that not only was time travel possible, but that there were alternate realities that mirror our own. And with the Fringe science you can open up a portal into those alternate realities. The show ended with Olivia, the main character, being put into an alternate reality....and after a flash, she is there.

The show leaves her standing inside a building. The building was one of the Twin Towers of the WTC. It wasn't back in time....pre 2001. It was in 2009, but the Twin Towers were sitting right there in the middle of NYC.

My response to simple. Fuck You. You made a world where 9/11 didn't happen. Yeah, fuck you. For the people who had loved ones and families members who died that day. Fuck you twice. For the USA's policies of fear and all the lives that have been lost in war. Fuck you three times over.

So, it's obvious the idea of making the Twin Towers just sitting there plain and well doesn't sit well with me. It suddenly makes me want to go out and get one of those "Never Forget" bumper stickers and slap it on my car....and then send a million of them to JJ Abrams. We all lived through that day and it still lives with our our psyche.

Yes, it is a TV show. It's not real. They had a whole episode of guys who turned into vampires types and ate people for their spinal fluid. So...reality is not their thing. But still...SO NOT COOL.

I don't know what the show was thinking, but at this point...I am not sure my DVR is holding a spot for it anymore. Aurgh. Overreacting...maybe, but it's still completely how I feel. Fringe...a great show, but you can completely suck it.