Thursday, May 14, 2009

Well Hello Gorgeous!

So, the Red Sox lost last night to the Angels 8-4. Tim Wakefield reminded us that he is in fact....human. Matt Palmer, the Angels pitcher...retired the last NINETEEN Red Sox batters in order. We had no Youk and no Pedey in the lineup. David Ortiz is still homerless. All in all....not the best outcome.

The one bright spot in the game was Daniel Bard's major league debut. He has been blowing people away down in Pawtucket with his sometimes 100 MPH fastball. He came into the game and immediate struck out the first batter...fastball....fastball...fastball. It was funny watching the Red Sox players watching they were finally getting to play with their new toy. He's got the stuff. Josh Beckett watched him with an intensity that lets you know he cannot wait for Bard to be assimilated. And yeah, the guy is smokin' hot on the mound and off of it too.

Yes, it is true...he might have not realized that there was a guy on 3rd base when he came into the game. He might have admitted that during his major league debut he had "other non baseball related things on his mind", I don't know...the great sales at Target this week? Hey, I've decided being distracted in your major league debut is not necessarily a bad thing. It's better than letting the moment suck you up...and eat you whole.

No matter what...welcome to the bigs there Bard. I hope you stay with us for a while. You just took our stellar bullpen and made it even better.

It's official. Peter Gammons is not the only one who has a crush on Bard. Add me to the list. He may only be 12 years old...but good lord, me likey.