Thursday, October 23, 2008

the end of blogging about least until 2009!

Hey is the internet doing on this fine Thursday???

I've moved my focus from reading 24/7 about reading 24/7 about politics, so expect a political post to be a-coming. But, let me finish up my constant blathering about baseball.

Obviously, the die hard member of Red Sox Nation that I am....I am disappointed and a little bit heart broken that the Red Sox didn't finish off the comeback of all comebacks and win Game 7. Congrats go to the Tampa Bay Rays....they played well all season and then have continued it into the playoffs. Overall, I still don't think they are the better team than the Red Sox...but during the series, I have to admit they were. Our pitching wasn't it's usual best....our hitting was hurt due to injuries...and we ended the season tired and a little beat up, while their young team seemed to be the example of being the "energizer bunny." So...congrats to the Rays...I'll say that through my disappointment and bitterness.

Now that I've had a few days to think about this season and what the Red Sox accomplished. I am really proud of what they did. They didn't win the World Series...but unlike people over in Yankee land, I don't consider a season to be successful only if my team wins the World Series. I'm a Red Sox fan...if they come up one game shy of the World Series or if they don't even make the playoffs at all.

All in all....I think this year, the Red Sox went above and beyond. Let's see...their DH clutch hitter, David Ortiz, went down with an injury and was out for a chunk of the season. He came back, but has been struggling to get his same powerful swing back. We traded away our best hitter (good riddance Manny). We had injuries to JD Drew and Mike Lowell....two great hitters in our lineup. We had chronic injuries with our ace pitcher, Josh Beckett...who still pitched with heart, guts and genius in Game 6.

We got the wild card....and headed into the post season. We played the Angels...who during the regular season beat us 8-1 in head to head games. They basically owned us this year...even though we owned them during the post season historically. We continued that history and beat the Angels 3-1 in the first round of play.

We went on to play the Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays. It was experience vs. youth. We snagged Game 1...and the mood was so hopeful. But our injuries and the grinding out of wins was just getting to us...and the Rays were too young...and too good to not take advantage. We went down 3-1...and went into Game 5 at Fenway Park.

Game 5. Good lord. I will remember Game 5 for my entire life. I can't imagine ever seeing another game like that in my lifetime. The Red Sox showed why they are one of the best teams in baseball. They showed what those "BELIEVE" signs mean that are held up by fans....believe until the last out. Don't give up...even when it looks hopeless. I was one of the few that didn't turn the TV off. I watched that game....I watched the Sox go down 0-5 and then go down 0-7, even with Papelbon on the mound. My heart sank as I envisioned the Red Sox season going up in smoke...and the idea of those Rays celebrating on our field....the idea was just heart breaking. And then...the unthinkable happened. The Red Sox started to rally...first pushing through one make it 1-7. Then the struggling David Ortiz...showed why he is Big Papi and hit a 3 run HOMERUN. 4-7. Then in the 8th...JD Clutch Drew hit a 2 run homerun. 6-7.'s a ballgame. The Red Sox push through the tying run on a hit by Coco Crisp...and in the 9th...JD Cluth Drew gets a walk off hit and the Red Sox win that game. How does that happen? I couldn't believe my eyes. World Series or no World Series...the Red Sox showed who they were right there. They showed their fight...that they were down, but not out. I mean...seriously....Game 5....I am sure those players...on both teams, will talk about being a part of that guy for the rest of their lives.

And yeah...they didn't come back from 3-1 a third time. This wasn't on their side. Garza pitched too well...and our hitters didn't get the job done. So, the Red Sox's season is over...and now, I anxiously await the beginning of 2009. They had better resign Tek...and I hope they get another bat in the lineup. But all in all...I think we are in good shape. And I do fear...that in the history of Manny being Manny...he'll end up playing for the Yanks next year, which of course...will anger and break my heart.

So, who I am rooting for in the World Series??? Until the game started last night, I was conflicted. I support AL, I want to root for the (Devil) Rays. Plus, they have had a great season...going from worst to first...and now trying to put a World Series cherry on top of that sundae. the game started, it was clear....I am rooting for the Phillies. Is it out of bitterness???? Probably. I just can't root for the team that just beat mine. In reality, I don't care all that much who wins....but still...Go Phillies....beat those (Devil) Rays!