Tuesday, October 14, 2008

the last stretch of the longest election in history....

Hey all....I hope people enjoyed their weekend and I hope they extra enjoyed the long weekend if they got it. I loved having Monday off...even if it was in celebration of that Christopher Columbus.

I was watching the news this morning...and GMA reported that Barack Obama's lead is now 10 points. I am happy and surprised by this. I really thought the race would be neck and neck...until Nov. 4th. However, I am also cautiously optimistic...since I can remember polls saying how ahead John Kerry was 4 years ago and well...we know how well that played out.

I do think though....that the race is definitely in Obama's favor. One, the war debate isn't as hotly contested as it used to be. In 2004...there was still a great divide between the people who felt it was the "wrong war, wrong time" and the people who felt that Iraq was instrumental in fighting terrorism. Two, the issue of gay marriage is not on the ballot in many states. We know that last time...conservatives came out in droves to vote on that and vote for President at the same time. Three, the economy is the main issue in this election...and that is something that works in Obama's favor. It's never a good thing to be going through what our country is financially...but polls have shown that people trust Obama when it comes to economic and domestic issues more than they trust McCain. If the main issue was foreign policy...then I think it would swing in McCain's favor. And four, new voter registration....has been heavily democratic this time around. So, it looks like new people are voting and they look like they might be voting democratic.

I have long been a Hillary Clinton supporter....I still feel SHE is the best person to run this country. She has the knowledge and experience...and she is well respected around the world. But well, we lost that fight...so I am strongly in Barack Obama's corner. I think he will not only right many of the wrongs of the Bush administration...but I think he will also be a healing element out in the world. The world sees us as brash, cowboy bullies...and Obama can do a lot to change the view of the good ol' US of A.

I can't believe how close the election is...I remember when it seemed so far away and now, it is right around the corner. I'm just crossing my fingers and hoping election night isn't another night of "too close to call" and having to bring in lawyers and what not.

Go Obama!!!