Thursday, October 30, 2008

4 days and counting...

So, did people watch the Obama commercial last night? I did. I knew I would. It obviously isn't going to change my vote since I am voting for Obama anyways, but I was interested in what it was going to say. And...I planned on watching the World Series after it anyways (Congrats Phillies BTW) I might as well watch Obama first.

If you watched....what did you think? I thought it was well done and spoke to the key points of Obama's plan. I think it showed him in a presidential light and could help some of the undecided voters who might think he doesn't have the ability or experience to be the pres. However, I don't think it really changed anyone's mind. I think that if you agree with liked the 30 minute spot. If you disagree with thought it was ridiculous.

I am hopeful and nervous about this election. Every time I see the polls, I get excited to think about an end to the Bush regime...and that Obama could turn things around and go back to the good ol' Clinton days. But, I also don't want to count my chickens until they are hatched. I was so sure in 2000 that Gore would win that election and well...he technically did, so we know how that one worked out. And then in 2004, I had such high hopes that Kerry would win the election...and those early voter polls made it look like he might just do it...and then we know how that went. So, even though the polls show Obama with a healthy lead in many of the usual Republican states....I don't want to believe it is true until Nov. 4th comes and goes.

And so what if McCain wins??? Well....2 years ago, I would have said it wasn't the result I wanted, but it would have been okay. I respected how McCain stood up when he believed in something...even if it was not popular. I thought he was a man of respect, intelligence and honor. I thought he was a really decent person and someone who would bring honor back to the presidency. Well, this campaign has changed how I view McCain. He has become like many of the political croonies...I will say and do anything to win. I will try to convince you that Obama is trying to steal your money. I will try to convince you that Obama hangs out on the block with known terrorists. And the list goes on and made me wonder where that John McCain is that I had such respect for a few years ago.

And then he goes and picks Sarah Palin as his running mate. The only good thing about her being in the race is that it gives Tina Fey more exposure and maybe then more people will watch 30 Rock. As a woman and a feminist, I wanted desperately to be able to support and possibly endorse a female candidate. As I have written before, my initial choice for President was not was Hillary Clinton. I voted for her in the primary...and would have continued to support her for President. But, I WILL NOT support someone just because they are a woman. Palin has shown just how unqualified she is to run for the office of Vice President. She thinks she has foreign policy experience because she can see Russia from her house. She can't tell Katie Couric one paper or magazine she reads....not one. She doesn't even know what the Vice President does. It offends me that they think that women will just blindly support her...because she is female. I want a female candidate who is up to the job...not just someone you dress up and hope to spice up a fading ticket. It's not a step forward in terms of the feminist fact, it is a GIANT step back. You betcha!

So...I cannot wait to cast my vote on Tuesday. I'll be happily and proudly voting for Barack Obama. I think he has the vision and desire to make true changes in our country. all honesty, with how McCain and Palin have run their campaign...even if I didn't believe those things about Obama, I'd still have no choice but to vote for Obama anyways.

And remember....VOTE EARLY....and VOTE OFTEN!