Thursday, October 02, 2008

whoo to the freakin' hoo!

So, any guesses as to what I was doing last night at 1:15am????

Sleeping? Nope.

Watching a kick @rse movie? Nope.

Watching the Red Sox win Game 1 of the series with the Angels?


Yeppers!!! The game didn't start until 10pm EST since it was being played out in sunny CA...and so I started watching it, hoping I could make it to the end. It was a tense, nail biter of a game and the Sox won it 4-1. Whoo hoo for Jon Lester who is a pitching genius and showing people that he is more than just a last minute replacement for Josh Beckett. Whoo hoo for Jason Bay for hitting a 2 run homer to put the Sox on top. Whoo hoo for Jacoby Ellsbury for not only being cute as a button...but for getting on base FIVE times last night and making an awesome catch in center field in the 8th that made sure that the Angels didn't score a run and make a game of it. Whoo hoo for Jonathan Papelbon for closing the game with that same intensity he always has in October.

It was a great game. Only was then 1:15am...and my body was chuck full of adrenaline, which makes falling right to sleep not so easy. I had to watch a good deal of crap tv in order to make my eyes all sleepy.

So, yeah...I am a tired kid this morning, but it was WELL worth it!!! One game down, 2 more to go! I'll be sending the Red Sox all the luck I have that they can take Game 2 and head back home to Boston up 2 games to none.

Let's Go RED SOX!