Monday, September 29, 2008

A Case of the Mondays....

Yep, it's Monday....dreary, kind of rainy Monday.

I just finished a week of vacation and let me tell you...I was not prepared to go back to work this morning. I wanted one more day off....maybe 2...maybe 10. lol

I didn't do much over my vacation. It was just a lazy week to just rest and relax and what not. Here is what I did do:

I went to the Big E Fair with my dad, aunt and uncle. Umm, I think I should just admit to myself and all those around me...that I really don't enjoy fairs. I don't enjoy walking around useless crap and having people trying to aggressively sell me things. I don't enjoy paying $4 for a scoop of ice cream. I do enjoy looking at the animals...sometimes...but that lasts for about 2.2 seconds and then I am ready to move on. I did enjoy hearing Tiffany sing for a while...and remembering when I was 13 and HAD to hate her because I was going to marry Jon from NKOTB and she was his boyfriend. The circus was cool...and whoo hoo for no clowns, but other than that...I'd give the fair a thumbs down.

Let's see...I also discovered Facebook right before I went on vacation. I've considered signing up for a while now and finally bit the bullet and did it. I was able to find a bunch of people I knew from high school and college. And for my college, that's a pretty cool find. My college ended up closing a couple of years after I graduated, so to find classmates is actually quite hard. So...whoo hoo for that. I do find it comical that when you add someone as your friend...Facebook announces that you and this person are NOW it just magically happened thanks to Facebook. So, if you are on Facebook and want me to magically be your friend NOW...send me an email, I'll add you.

And for the less fun side of my vacation. I went to the dentist on Wednesday. I had to get a root canal redone. Whoo exciting, I know. I went in for the appointment...and waited almost an hour before we got started. That always peeves me since if I was ever that late, they would reschedule me and not see me, but if they are that biggie. The appointment took over an hour once they got started too...and I didn't expect it to be enjoyable and it wasn't. When I left...I was so spent. But, the badness didn't really start until the next day. The tooth was on the bottom...and the next day, it was SO sore. It basically felt like I had been punched in the chin...A LOT. I was taking a lot of tylenol and basically cursing my dentist. Luckily, it feels better today...and if it didn't, I was going to call my dentist and go back complain and maybe beg for some pain meds. Unfortunately, the last few days of my spent wondering who I got into a fight with and how they secretly punched me in the face. *pouts*

And last, but not least....I brought my car to the local dealership. I've been having this chronic problem for the past couple of years. Every once in a while, my car will think I am trying to steal it...and it won't start. Basically, it doesn't recognize my key...and won't engage the lock. I've been able to start it, but it takes 10 minutes to reset the security system. Let me tell you...waiting that 10 minutes if often a huge pain in the arse. Aurghh! So, I brought it into the dealer since they are the only ones who can fix it. I dropped it off at about 8:30am...decided to walk home since it is about 3 miles and it would be nice exercise...especially since they said they could pick me up. Well, at about 3pm...they called with an estimate. 800 BUCKS! Wow...I didn't expect it to be that much and I am not sure if they aren't jacking up the price because I am female and all. So, I decided not to get the repair done and deal with the security inconvenience for a while longer...and as I was asking for the ride back, the service guy hung up on me. Hmmpf! So, I walked back...3 miles again...paid my bill and drove home. Let me tell ya, even if I decide to get the repair done...I'm going to go to another dealership and not go back to a place that hangs up on people because they aren't getting the big repair they thought.

And other than that....not a lot was done on my vacation. A little cleaning....a little baseball watching...a lot of sleeping and watching crap tv.