Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Midweek update....

Hey all....see, I am doing a little better at updating this blog and not letting it go a week...a few weeks...a month or more. I had gotten into the bad habit of not writing and well, it wasn't good. I know that like 2 people read my blog and you know what, I'm ok with that. Seriously. Sure, I would love it if I was one of the cute little popular blogs that when I made a post...a million bajillion people immediately commented on it. But then again, maybe I wouldn't. I love that I write for me...and really nobody else. I would hate for there ever to become a time when I started writing for someone else...or editing my writing in fear of who may or may not be reading it.

So, what's been going on with me lately? Well...obviously, I have been watching my fair share of baseball. I'm basically at the brink of exhaustion from staying up late watching these games. It's so worth it though...I love this time of the year. The only real sad that I know I am completely prioritizing baseball watching over interactions with actual human beings. But well...I'm actually ok with it because in essence, it's what a sports fan does. And of course...more baseball is on the way. The Red Sox and the Rays square off on Friday night...and I'll be home and watching.

What else is new with Shelley Shelley Bo Belley?? Well...Sunday was my birthday. I am officially 31 years old. I had a pretty low key birthday. And yep...I spent most of it watching the Red Sox (watching them lose, but bygones). I went to church in the morning...then I had lunch with my dad and just hung around the house. I'm really ok with low key birthdays. Sure, I huge bash would be fun, but I've found in my ever growing experience...that with things like that, I often end up having high expectations and getting disappointed. I would have liked to hang out with a few local friends...and I am sure we will.

And in a dramatic fashion, I bought myself a new cell phone for my birthday. My cell phone has been wonky for a while now. The battery was less than it was barely holding a charge. It would last for about a day if it wasn't used and it would last for about 20 minutes of talk time. Not good my friends. I barely use my cell phone I was not worried about it. Until Sunday...I woke up and realized I didn't know where my cell phone was. I called rang, but I couldn't hear it. So, I went downstairs...same thing. And then I called it again and this time it went right to voicemail. Ugh. I started to panick. Did it go to voicemail because someone stole it and turned it off because of my constant annoying ringing??? Uh oh. So, I went over to the local Verizon store and since I could upgrade for free...I went ahead and got a new phone. Part of my hated to leave the old phone...since I am used to it and it has a kick @rse ringtone. phone means needing a new phone.

The thing I was most bummed about...was my phone being missing or stolen because I had all my contact numbers in there. I had no idea what anyone's phone # was..since we just scroll down now and click "call" instead of having to actually know people's phone numbers. Long story...less long...I ended up finding my phone on Monday morning as I was heading into work. It was hidden in my car...and it went to voicemail because the battery went dead. one stole it...and I now have all my contact info again....and a new phone. So...happy birthday to me!

Anything else that is new? Hmm...watched the debate last night...if I am not staying up late to watch baseball...I am staying up late to watch the political mumbo jumbo. Of course, I am an Obama supporter, so I thought he connected more with my views and what is important to me. This shouldn't matter...but...McCain just creeped me out. He seemed angry and snarky and just completely creeped me all out. I wasn't comforted by anything he said...and really felt that the country might be in trouble if he wins on Nov. 4th.

So there is my life in a long nutshell....what's going on with you (2 people who read my blog)?