Friday, October 03, 2008

Sex And The City...the movie...a Shelley review.

Spoiler Alert.....I am going to spend the next post blathering on and on about the Sex and the City movie...and so I might reveal parts about the beginning, middle and end, so if you haven't seen it and don't wanna know...umm...don't be a reading!

K, now that I have that out of the way. I was SO excited when I heard a Sex and The City movie was coming out. I loved the tv show and couldn't wait to see what kind of things would be in store for the girls in the movie. I had initially planned on seeing it when it came to the theatre...even though I usually always see everything on video. I was going to go see it with some of my girlfriends, but it didn't work out. I was a little disappointed, but figured....I'll watch it on video, no big deal.

So, it came out on video...I rented it...err...netflixed it...and sat down to watch it on one of the days I was on vacation. So, what did I think? Honestly....I was disappointed and generally didn't like it. I'll be honest...I have never liked Big and never thought he deserved Carrie. I felt that he was only in the relationship as far as he wanted to...and so she was always playing by his rules. This movie just reinforced that for me. Ick. So, the movie starts with them together and happy as could be. It has Charlotte with her family...happy as can be. Miranda and Steve...cold and misreable as ever...and dealing with an affair. And, Samantha in Hollywood and hating being the Mrs. and being away from NYC.

And so Big and Carrie decide to get married because they love each other and Carrie wants to. And, for a moment...Big actually goes down Carrie's path and does some things her way. He concedes to her....for a moment...only to break her heart and devastate her. In the end, on the wedding day...Big is classic Big and doesn't marry her because he can't do it. He leaves her in the dress because it isn't how he wanted it to go. And then the movie follows Carrie as she deals with the humiliation and depression...and picks herself up, brushes herself up and heals herself back into the amazing woman that she is. Ummm...only to get back together with Big and marry him...HIS way. I hated the message this sent...and it's something SATC has consistently done with Carrie and Big. I personally felt that tnhe movie would have been better if Carrie has healed and moved on to someone who wanted an actual relationship with her...where both of their needs mattered. Hmmpf!

Now, it wasn't a total wash....I found Charlotte's story of her family really compelling. I knew she would end up getting pregnant on her own...and she truly is that happily ever after story. Tugged at my heart strings. And I also loved Miranda's story. I felt it was heart breaking and real. She and Steve have a real and complicated relationship. Unlike my dislike of Big....I think Steve is someone who has hurt Miranda, but truly is willing to be with her 100%. I actually think it's Miranda who always holds Steve at a distance (not an excuse for the way...just making that clear). I hated seeing Big and Carrie come back together, but I loved seeing Miranda and Steve come back together at the end of the film.

So...the movie was ok...and I knew how it would end before it started. I was just disappointed in the message it sent to women and how you can get your man...along as you compromise yourself and travel down his path at the expense of your own.

*end of feminist SATC rant*