Thursday, February 04, 2010

Happy Jeudi Gras!

I know. You are thinking...huh? What?

Our county is having a fitness competition...stealing the popularity of Biggest Loser, we are having our own Biggest Loser competition. (BTW...thought this last week's episode of Biggest Loser was beyond ridiculous and well...dangerous, but that's a story for another day).

People can make teams of up to 4 people...and they weigh-in weekly. The team with the highest percentage body weight lost...they win...not sure what they win, but they win. And, we are also competing with a neighboring county. So, collectively...we want our county workers to be able to lose more weight than that county.

I'm not on a reality, I only have about 10-15 lbs I want to lose, so I wouldn't really much of a help to a team winning anything. Plus, people have to weigh-in at work...and write it down. I love my co-workers, but not enough for them to know what number comes up when Shelley steps on a scale.

Our office does have a team though...3 of the men in our office have a team. They were all talking about it yesterday. I had a family conference and had doughnuts left over. So, I put the doughnuts out for people to munch on. All the members of our BL team...munched away.

Their first weigh-in is on Friday. So, we laughed and said that in the next couple days they need to fatten themselves help along the first weigh-in. We were kidding...until we got serious.

Today is officially...Fat Thursday or as the french would say Jeudi Gras! One of the women at work...made a yummy cake. There will be lots and lots of goodies to eat before the boys embark on 2 months of losing weight...and trying to kill the competition with their killer numbers.

Now, if that's not hilarious....I don't know what is.

P.S. As a gender's also hilarious to me watching the men all talk about how they are going to lose weight...and what their goals are. I'm so used to women constantly talking about it. I told one co-worker yesterday...that he's totally turning into a girl.