Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Arguing...with myself on the way home form work.

Yep, that's right. I was having an argument with myself...on the way home from work.

Wait...let me back up and start with the beginning of my day. I had my alarm set for I could make it to my morning cardio step class. The alarm went off...and I was tired. I mean TIRED....EXHAUSTED. it felt like I had only been asleep for a few minutes...literally. I hit snooze...and it went off again. I got up, started to get my workout clothes together...and get ready to go.

TIRED. My body was just exhausted. All my limbs felt heavy. So, I decided to listen to said body...reset the alarm for 6am and went back to bed.

I got to work...and had a hectic, busy day. I got outta work...had my workout clothes in the car and headed on my way. I had planned on going to the gym after work since I wanted to get my workout in.

Here is how the conversation went in my head as I was driving home...

Good Shelley: Got out of work a half hour late, but I still have time for a workout before dinner.

Bad Shelley: I'm tired. Today has been stressful. I just wanna go home.

Good Shelley: Working out will help. I didn't go this morning. I should go. I'll feel better afterwards.

Bad Shelley: But I'm hungry...and missing a workout won't kill me. WAAAA!

Good Shelley: Just had a protein shake...suck it up. I brought my workout clothes for a reason. Go to the gym.

(passed the first road that heads to the gym...did not turn).

Bad Shelley: But I gave my hair tie to a client who needed it. I won't be able to put my hair out of my face. I'll go tomorrow. I'll have more energy.

Good Shelley: You gave your hair tie away? That is your excuse. So what...your hair gets sweaty. It's not a crime. And you'll go tomorrow? Liar.

Bad Shelley: Fine. Bitch.

(this time...took the turn and went to the gym...)

I rocked the elliptical...and yep, felt much better afterwards. I came home and had a nice dinner...hunkering in and watching some Lost on the DVR.