Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Mardi Gras!!

Doesn't Happy Mardi Gras just seem so much nicer than Happy FAT Tuesday even though they both mean the same thing???

It's that lovely last day before Lent. That day...when people are supposed to eat everything in excess before heading into the self-sacrifice period of Lent.

I've always given up something for Lent...since I was a little kid. It was something my mom would have us do. I don't think I even related it to having anything to do with church or God, but it's always been a part of my life.

Are people giving up something for Lent this year?? And if so...what are you doing???

Of course there is always a joker...who says they are giving up homework...or school...or brussel sprouts, etc. (FYI...I LOVE brussel sprouts).

I always give up the same 2 things....

Mini Cadbury Eggs Pictures, Images and Photos


Cheese Pizza Pictures, Images and Photos

Pizza is my main vice. I swear...pizza could be my undoing, no doubt. So, having a 40 day period with guaranteed no pizza in my life is good for me. All those pizza commercials will of course torture me, but alas...I'll resist like the good little girl I am. Now, usually...I order a big ol' cheesy pizza on Fat Tuesday...but this year, I don't think so. I haven't eaten pizza for about a month...so I am just going to continue that trend and head right into Lent, no looking back.

As for candy. Candy doesn't gripe me like pizza does...however, those pesky Cadbury Mini Eggs do. I love those suckers something fierce...and the fact that you can only get their yummy candy coated creamy chocolate goodness during Easter time...makes me want them even more. So, giving up candy for Lent...keeps me away from eating my body weight a few times over in Cadbury Mini Eggs. I usually buy ONE bag...hide it until after Easter and then eat it. Then...I only have access to that one bag...I can get my fix of the best chocolate in the world and be done with it.

I also thought of giving up weighing in on the scale...since I am one of the people who likes to weigh every single day (whether I am losing or gaining or staying the same). But...in the end, it's not something that messes with my mind...and I like a daily check in of how my weight is doing...so, I figured...no real need to give that up.

What are people giving up out there...and more importantly, why????