Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Long Time Netflix Customer NO MORE...

Hey all...most people who know me...know that I am a big ol' movie fan. I like watching them, talking about them. I worked at a video store....not for the paycheck, but for the free movies.

Anyways...I've been a Netflix customer since 2003. Even when I worked at the video store and got free rentals...I still kept my Netflix account. I like how their website works and the send movies really quickly.

However, I've been having problems with them lately. I mainly just use Netflix for their new releases since I've seen almost every older movie at least once...if not numerous times over. I make sure my movies are returned on the weekend, so that I can be waiting for those new movies to be sent to me that will be released on Tuesday. Well...for almost a month, Netflix was not sending me all, if any, or the new releases in my Queue. Movies would go from not released VERY LONG WAIT. I still have Up in my Queue and that movie was released on November 10th. A movie is still unavailable 2 months later? That seems like a system that is not working.

So, I got annoyed and called Netflix. I explained why I was frustrated...and that I hadn't been getting new releases. I explained that I only use the account for new releases, so it really is wasted money if I can't get the new movies more often than not, etc. The woman tried to explain that new releases were in high demand so sometimes people can't get them. She also explained that most people like old movies I should add some of those. Then...when I continued to say that I was disappointed it took so long for movies to become available when you don't get them right away. She had no answer for that....other than new movies are popular. She also said Netflix chooses to not order more copies of new releases because then they will be overloaded when they are no longer new. While that might make sense for them as a doesn't help their customers get the new releases they are looking for.

And then she said..."Well maybe Netflix isn't the right service for someone like you."

I kind of laughed. I said thank you, hung up and canceled my account at the end of the month period I had paid for. I don't mind not getting movies sometimes...since well, we can't always get the movies we want. I don't mind having to wait sometimes. What I do not getting good customer service. And...if you invite me to go somewhere else, that is exactly what I will do.

I am switching over to the Blockbuster Online plan. I know Blockbuster has issues of its own. I was with them for a short period of time when they first went with the online plan. However, I am giving them a shot. One, I can pay the same price as Netflix to get the same plan at Blockbuster, plus I can exchange 5 movies in at the store for another movie. Therefore, if I know I am not getting a new release...I can go to the store on Tuesday and exchange it out. Secondly, I have a store literally right around the, I can return the movies there and get the movies back just as quickly as I did with Netflix.

So...see yas Netflix...hello Blockbuster!!!