Friday, January 25, 2008

Random Update....

Happy Friday Everyone! This week has kind of dragged on...which is strange since I had Monday off and all, but still. I am glad it is Friday. It's been a few days since I have posted...or maybe more than a few days. It's interesting since sometimes I am in a post numerous times a day mood...and sometimes, I don't feel the need to post for a week or so.


I have seen people post all about Heath Ledger dying all over the internet. I think it's tragic and horrible...just like everyone else (except for that jerk on Fox News Radio...who said Heath died because God is punishing him for playing a gay cowboy. *grumbles*), but I am not going to speculate about how he died...what happened, etc. I feel so sorry for his family who have to go through this while the paparazzi and news media are in their face 24/7. I can't imagine how horrible that must be. His ex-fiance returned to NY with their daughter and instead of being able to come home in peace...she came home to a flood of cameras and microphones. That's a shame. But, it's how society works...and I will admit it...when I see a new article on the internet about the story, I click on it and read it. So, I hate it...but I am also part of the problem. So sad...really. Star Jones...who I actually loathe...wrote a great article about it. I hate to agree with her, but well...I do. That's all I will have to say on the subject because even though he was a celebrity...I didn't know the man, I doubt you did either. And in the grand scheme of opinions on someone else's tragedy just don't really matter now do they???


Speaking of my mom...I have been dreaming a lot lately. Well, I imagine I always dream this much, but I have been remembering them more. She's been present in my dreams lately...and it's been nice. I have been dreaming about family adventures and the whole family is brother, etc. What is particularly nice is that it just seems normal that she is there. It could be a dream that we are all going grocery shoppping and she is just part of the family group. I like it...and there isn't any sadness about it. So, I hope these kind of dreams I can continue to have warm family moments with her...if only in my dreams.


I don't know if I have mentioned it before...I probably have, but I am interested in running a 5 mile race in the end of March. Ok, let's be clear...I want to jog a 5 mile race. I have never been a great runner...even though I can run on my elliptical machine forever. So, it's a goal I continue training and be ready by March. I have gone out and jogged around my neighborhood and what hopes of building up my tolerance. So is jog some...walk some...jog some...walk some. Each time, I build up a little more of the jog time. The race is in the winter time, so I am running outside...I figure, I have to get used to it, eh? It does make it hard because sometimes it is just too cold to run. I really wanted to go out for a jog on Monday since I had the day off work...but it was so cold...only in the single digits. I don't have access to a when the outside doesn't work with me, I am stuck. Tomorrow's on. I am going to jog/walk from my apartment to my dad's house...which is just over 4 miles. I don't care if it is cold. I don't care if it is snowing like nuts. I am going! Wish me luck!

Alright...that's it for now. See, I don't update all the time, but then when I do...I give ya more than just a line here or there.

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