Monday, January 21, 2008

It's Monday: It's Weigh-In Time!

I have the day off work, but that doesn't mean I had the day off work when it came to weighing in.

I forgot to update last bad...I lost 5 lbs last week. Who knows how that happened. It's the most amount of weight I have lost in one week since I started this whole program. I pushed the exercise...and got back into my pattern of eating since being on vacation, so that might be it, but who knows.

How did I do this week? Pretty good. I lost 3 lbs this week...for a total loss of 58 lbs. I am surprised at the loss since I ramped up my exercise this week...and did some different things. I wondered if it would slow things down a little bit, but it didn't. I did circuit training twice...went out for jogs (in the freezing cold) twice...and did the elliptical twice. So, I think varying thing around...probably helped.

I am getting better at the jogging...even though I will admit, I am not a great runner. I want to run a 5 mile race in March, so I am slowly increasing my endurance, etc. I wish it wasn't so cold today...because I would go for another run. I have been running outside...and with it being in the single digit temperatures today, no outside for me.

I also got a new ab program that I ordered off the internet over the weekend. I haven't tried it yet, but it is on the agenda. I am happy with the weight loss, but I still need a lot of toning and shaping that my abs need...stat!

Alright, I am finish some cleaning in my room and puttering around the apartment. Sounds exciting for a Monday off work, eh?

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