Thursday, January 10, 2008

been a's a recap!

Ah, it's been a while since I posted a blog. Well, I did make a new year's goal to blog everyday...phew! I have been a busy kid. Now, if only I had been able to blog about Britney being in drug rehab, then I would have been here in 2 seconds flat.

So, what's been going on with me...let's do a mini-recap:

Jan 1st: Went to see the movie Walk Hard. It was funny. You should see it. Then, my roommate ate something she is allergic too and I had to bring her to the ER. That is less funny, I do not recommend seeing it. She might be allergic to even another food. And it isn't silly allergies...when she eats something, she goes into shock and needs to go to the hospital.

Jan 2-4th: Back to work I go. I wasn't as crazy behind as I thought I would be. I was able to jump right back and and no crisis waiting for me. I did work like crazy though...but it's cool, cause I am a rock star!

Jan 7th: Whoo's Monday, it's weigh in day. I lost another 2 lbs, which makes a total of 50 lbs lost. Holy Bejesus. I ordered my 40 lb. ab workout because my abs desperately need it. I am a little behind on my rewards...oh well. I came home from work and my roomie was sick...she actually started being sick on Sunday. She spent most of the night in her room.

Jan 8th: Roomie is still sick. I worked out like an animal on the elliptical. I am so happy I have her back. I was only going to do 25-30 minutes, but once I got going....40 minutes. I could have stayed on forever.

Jan. 9th: Roomie is still sick. She was supposed to go back to work, but called in sick. I hope she starts feeling better soon...for her sake and because I DO NOT WANT TO GET WHAT SHE HAS. She's sick. A friend at work is sick. My dad was fighting a cold the last week too. I have been bathing myself in anti-bacterial stuff. I refuse to be sick. Pouts. Oh...Hillary Clinton won the NH primary. This makes me happy. I don't care if you hate her, I like her. I think she's fabulous, has done great things for the state of NY and has the most experience of anyone in the race. Obama is nice and cute and has charm that goes on forever, but his lacking. And, my blood boils..

So...there ya have it. And now we are on the 10th....boring ol' Thursday. So, my new year hasn't been all that exciting. Other than giving people the evil eye who are sick...that's about it. How's your new year going so far?

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