Thursday, January 03, 2008

Wife Swap

Did anyone else but me watch Wife Swap last night? I will admit, Wife Swap is one of my guilty pleasures. I love watching the two families just go bezerk. Holy bejesus...this was the first new episode in a long time.

So, who were the families? was a family who's main purpose is helping their daughter be a beauty queen. They say the word sparkle about every 4th word. The daughter has no rules. Her parents do her HOMEWORK FOR HER. She gets a Christmas present every single day to show how much they love her. The parents have spent well over $100,000 per year on her pageant activities. Oh yeah...she is 15...and looks a lot older and sexier than any 15 year old should.

And the other a family of feminist. The mom is a pastor at a local church and she home schools her children because she doesn't want the misogynistic ways of school to effect her children. They are not allowed to wear makeup ever...and seem to only learn about women's history.

If you missed was one hell of a ride. The pageant dad ended up trying to kick the feminist mom out of the house...and then calling her a feminist pig. He was horrible. The beauty queen mom...called the feminist daughter ugly and a geek. She also said that if people weren't interested in being beautiful...then they are a waste on the world. When the feminist mom forced the beauty queen to do her own homework...she spelled AMERICA wrong. She's 15!

It was classic...I had some shame about watching it, but no way was I clicking the channel. Sometimes...train wreck trash is just too good.

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