Sunday, January 20, 2008

an update on a cold Sunday afternoon....

Hi to all of the internet...and by all of the internet, I mean the 4 people who read here. *winks*

I noticed I haven't updated in a while...I kept meaning to, I even had things to say, but then never got around to writing anything up and then by the time I did...the feeling had passed, etc.

I did go shopping this past weekend...I have desperately needed to buy some new clothes. Old Navy was having a HUGE sale...where things were 75% off. I went in just to look around and bought a bunch of stuff and it only set me back like 60 bucks. I also went to Target and bought a bunch of their clearance items and some T-shirts. I don't like spending money, but I felt good getting some items to add to my wardrobe.

Old Navy and Target are still having their sales...since I went through this weekend as well (but didn't buy anything this time...had a smidge of control), so if want to buy tons of clothes for only a little bit of money...check them out.

Oh...who is off work tomorrow for Martin Luther King Day? I am. I think it should be a National Holiday and everyone should get it off. It's ridiculous that not everyone has the day off. *grumbles* But since I have free time tomorrow...I will update more and let you all know what is going on with my life.