Friday, June 29, 2007

Friday update...

Hey everybody....I totally forgot to do a TT yesterday. Oops! This week, I keep forgetting what day it is. On Tuesday, I thought it was Wednesday. Yesterday, for a bit...I was convinced it was Friday. And on one point when talking to a co-worker, I had no idea what day it was. Wow...either I am having a stroke or I really need to get more sleep! lol

And on the diet front...I am doing really well. So far, I am loving the Fat Smash Diet. I am able to eat lots of fruit and veggies, that I love...and it is really vegetarian friendly. I haven't weighed myself yet, but even if the pounds come off slowly...I am really happy with this way of eating.

I do need to bump my exercise up though. I have been going for my daily walks, but I know I need to kick the intensity up. And the good of today, my roomie is starting her evening shift at the job. So??? Well, that means I can workout in the apartment when I get home from work. I am pretty excited about it all. I plan on starting the Power 90 program on Monday and doing it 5-6 days a week.

Oh...and let's not forget to talk about reality TV for a little bit, mkay? A reality show that I love...actually loved since the first season. My few fav reality addiction is So You Think You Can Dance? I just think the show is fabulous. One, it is about people who actually have talent. Two, the dancing is beautiful...and really wonderful to watch. The choreography is just gorgeous...Mia Michaels is just a genius. I think I would have kept dancing as a kid if people like Mia would around in my neck of the woods. Last year, Travis Wall was my absolute favorite. LOVE HIM! Thought he should have won.

This season, I have a lot of favorites actually.

Danny: He's a wonderfully beautiful dancer...and the adopted brother of Travis, so how could I not like him? He's just amazing to watch. He does have a smidge of attitude, but well...I still love him.

Dominic: He's a little beat boy and initially, I really dislike him. But now, he is really growing on me. He has learned so many different styles of dance and he has this enery and spunk. I just adore him...and that mischievious smile of his.

Jessie: I love her. She got sent home last night and I thought it was so unfair. She got sick and was unable to dance, but then came back last night and danced her routine. I thought there were girls much less talented than her that deserved to go home. The poor girl was in tears...and basically living in a bitter barn. Poor Jessi.

Lacey: I was initially not a fan of Lacey. She is the sister of last year's winner, Benji...who I also love. I just thought she thought she was a legacy and deserved a spot just for that. But since she started in the competition, her dance has been spot on. She danced a lyrical routine that took my breath away. And her and her partner, Kameron(I'll get to him soon), have wonderful chemistry. She's a doll...and maybe she could be the second in her family to win this competition.

Kameron: Speaking of Kameron...I adore him. One, he is hot. I And he and Lacey just partner so well together. He's really wonderful to watch and brings such sex appeal to the show. hummina...hummina...

Neil: I like him. He might be my favorite, but I am not sure. When I watch the show, I call him "New Travis" because he reminds me so much of Travis Wall from last year. He's just a beautiful dancer. I thought he might go home last night, but luckily...he was saved. Love New him!

Alright...enough Love for the SYTYCD kids. Who do I think should win? I really don't know. There are just too many people who are TOO good this year.

And yes...sometimes in my living room...I frolick around and think I can dance like them. It's delusional, but well...kinda fun at the same time!

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